After experiencing two head injury accidents in 1999, Janet has channeled much of her passion into creating programs to help others recover from their traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). She has taken her professional training and consulting skills and applied them to working with people who have experienced a head injury, caregivers, and professionals who work with TBI.

Janet founded and facilitates the BIAWA’s Seattle Wallingford Support Group for people with mild brain injuries; teaches Seattle’s free, weekly yoga class for people affected by brain injuries; and created a group for TBI Entrepreneurs. She teaches classes on Mindful Stress Reduction, develops accountability partners groups, and teaches resilience skills for people who have been affected by a brain injury.

Janet was the learning coordinator for the Brain Injury Support Group Network for 5 years, where she facilitated on-line and in-person training for Washington State support group facilitators. She has partnered with the Washington Brain Injury Alliance to develop a peer mentoring program for people living with brain injuries and she is a frequent presenter at the annual Washington Brain Injury Conferences.

She is available to partner with other organizations to develop:

  • TBI Entrepreneurs groups
  • Accountability Partners Groups
  • Mentoring programs
  • Job training coaching
  • Other classes and programs to help people with TBI create the best-possible recovery

Classes she has adapted for a TBI audience, includes:

  • Facilitating a Support Group
  • Mindful Stress Reduction
  • The Art and Practice of Resilience
  • Communication Styles

TBI Training

Janet Novinger’s TBI Experience CV