Fall seven times, rise up eight

Posted on 03. Apr, 2014 by in Events

The words of this Japanese proverb have inspired and guided me for many years as I have recovered from two brain injuries in 1999. They have helped me move forward when I felt that I couldn’t go on and have encouraged me to keep trying when I thought I couldn’t succeed. I’ve wanted to put […]

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Breathe—just breathe

Posted on 20. Mar, 2014 by in Reflections

I looked around the conference table at the tense faces, clenched fists and raised shoulders and said, “Breathe, just breathe.” I was consulting with a group that had a long history of mistrust and miscommunication between the team members and management. As we tried to work through the differences, the tension in the room grew. Rather than using […]

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Why do some projects sing?

Posted on 14. Jan, 2011 by in Case Studies

In late December, I reflected on the year’s consulting projects and clients. One project stood out because it exceeded the goals the client and I had set. It also surpassed our expectations of what was possible with the trainings we undertook. I wondered—what qualities move a consulting project from good to great? Listen to your […]

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Sometimes it takes only one meeting to begin a transformation

Posted on 09. Dec, 2010 by in Case Studies

Clients often hesitate to hire a consultant. They imagine months of work and unanticipated costs. Yet, sometimes one meeting, a facilitated conversation, can help a group by: Identifying behaviors that are getting in the way Discussing ways they can behave more effectively Coming up with a plan to hold themselves accountable Brief interventions are most successful […]

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People get so stuck in situations that they can’t see their options

Posted on 23. Sep, 2010 by in Case Studies

Stan, the manager of a team of five, asked for my help. Two team members refused to speak to each other—they hadn’t spoken directly for three years, even though their jobs depended on their cooperation. He was baffled. The previous manager had been very popular with the entire team but had let the problem fester. Stan […]

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