Explorations’ founder, Janet Novinger, is passionate about the need for respect in personal and professional interactions. She teams with organizations to create environments in which people enjoy giving their best. For the past 20 years, Janet has worked—both externally and internally—as an organizational consultant in the greater Seattle region with more than 200 client companies. “It’s taught me a lot—so many different companies and agencies.  Each had very specific and different challenges,” she says. “By working with such a variety of clients I’ve learned to assess organizations and explain their unique challenges so that everyone can understand the problems. I specialize in developing effective responses and implementing programs that allow organizations and their people move toward health and wholeness. Not to mention better productivity.”

An energetic, resourceful and creative professional, Janet specializes in increasing productivity, strengthening employees’ resilience, and building their capacity to serve customers and meeting organizational objectives. She loves all aspects of Explorations consulting, but has a passion for training. “There’s just something energizing that happens when a group of people come together to learn. I love setting the stage so that people can look at things in new ways.”  Learn more.

Her master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle provides Janet a nuanced theoretical foundation for her consulting process. Her time at Family Services Employee Assistance Program gave her experience working with some of the most challenging personnel problems organizations experience. Her innovative workshops present practical skills in creative ways and earn superior evaluations. Read some here.

Janet founded and directs the Wallingford Yoga and Wellness Program,which has been offering yoga to people living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for the past 8 years. This experience of yoga’s power to  improve physical balance, emotional well-being and mental clarity led Janet to take the Phinney Yoga Teacher’s Training in 2015 – 2016. She has been teaching the weekly yoga class for TBI survivors and their friends and family since September 2016. She is currently enrolled in an advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Phinney studio specializing in adaptive yoga.