Respectful Communication
Managing the Poor Performer
Balancing Work and Home
Managing Change
Building Effective Teams
Understanding Your Communication Style
Living Energetically
Respectful Leadership
Stress Management
Wellness Workshops

Respectful Communication

  • Explore the 5 steps to effective communication
  • Consider how personal style affects communication
  • Learn how to deal with differences
  • Find out how respect impacts communication

Managing the Poor Performer

  • Learn how organizations contribute to employee stress
  • Discover practical strategies to reduce workplace stress and anxiety
  • Explore how supervisory behaviors affect employees’ behaviors and attitudes
  • Consider how employees’ past experiences with authority affect their response to their supervisors
  • Understand how to effectively deal with employee resistance
  • Deepen understanding of unconscious communication

Balancing Work and Home

  • Explore new concepts of balance
  • Reflect upon their personal situations
  • Learn skills to bring more balance into daily routines
  • Understand what they can change and what they cannot
  • Practice how to get focused to reduce stress
  • Develop individual balance plans

Creating a Respectful Workplace

  • Explore some of the key indicators of respect at work
  • Discover how different ideas about respect can impact an organization
  • Look at barriers to creating respect in the workplace
  • Consider what you can do to create more respect for yourself and others

Managing Change

  • Increase their understanding of the dynamics of change
  • Explore the emotional impact of change
  • Explore strategies for becoming more resilient
  • Understand how to effectively deal with employees’ resistance to change
  • Learn how supervisory behaviors affect employees’ behaviors and attitudes

We’ll Laugh About This Later: Using Humor To Survive and Thrive

  • Learn how humor can be an effective antidote to daily tensions
  • Be inspired to create their personal Humor First Aid Kit
  • Experience a variety of creative thinking techniques
  • Use techniques to generate numerous ideas toward solving some challenge

Building Effective Teams

  • Learn about the characteristics of effective teams
  • Assess their team’s development
  • Discuss ways to grow and become more effective
  • Look at the teams strengths and challenges
  • Consider next steps for the team

Understanding Your Communication Style

  • Take a communications style assessment
  • Discuss the strengths and challenges of four different styles
  • Learn to develop flexibility in style
  • Practice listening and responding
  • Explore effective ways to communicate during conflict

Living Energetically

  • Recognize what is draining their energy and spirit
  • Learn how to energize in a few minutes, any time, anywhere
  • Practice “Never-Fail Stress Busters”
  • Discover how hardy people thrive with stress
  • Consider how meaning and purpose increase energy

Respectful Leadership

During each of the 6–10-part series, participants will assess their personal skills, learn theory, participate in small and whole-group discussions, practice skills and develop personal improvement plans.

Stress Management

  • Identify the symptoms and sources of stress
  • Understand the physiology of stress
  • Discuss how patterns of thinking contribute to stress
  • Practice 5–10 never-fail stress busters