Resilience Coaching

Individuals, groups, teams and organizations face challenges to their health and well-being every day. Resilient people and groups don’t let adversity define them, they find ways to rise above difficult circumstances. In the face of on-going or overwhelming difficulty, individuals and groups often need a helping hand to respond creatively and pro-actively and forge lasting strengths.

Explorations consultants use discussion, practice, exercises and reflection to help clients through a crisis. During the resilience coaching process, we:

  • Shine a light on what is working
  • Create a realistic, achievable plan
  • Identify resources
  • Find practices to:
    • Relax physically
    • Calm emotions
    • Focus the mind
    • Cultivate insight
  • Experiment and respond actively and creatively
  • Develop skills in communication and problem-solving
  • Identify and develop the skills to manage strong emotions

Leadership Development

Our clients report that we help them develop their better selves. Our accepting approach allows them to feel heard, understood and well-supported. When working with our consultants, they are able to learn the skills that allow them to behave more effectively in the workplace.

Improved performance

Research consistently reveals a disturbing gap between how managers rate their own skills and how their employees rate that manager’s skills—and this gap increases as you go higher up in most organizations.

We’ll work with your supervisors and managers to:

  • Close the gap between what they intend and how their actions and words are perceived by those around them
  • Increase skills, improve communication, and establish respectful relationships with peers, subordinates and all levels of interaction
  • Develop the personal control to behave wisely
  • Become aware of their strengths
  • Understand how they get in their own way

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