We provide tailored solutions for our clients

Explorations is a 20-year-old organizational consulting firm that provides tailored training, facilitation, coaching and consulting to clients in business, government, education and non-profit organizations. Our consultants are products of what we preach and we emphasize a practical, fun, fast-paced, hands-on approach to learning and implementing. We are savvy, empathetic, inspiring professionals who:

  • Understand that respect for our clients is as important as respect for ourselves
  • Work in compassionate ways to design effective responses to our clients’ challenges
  • Facilitate a broad scope of programs
  • Love what we do

We focus on respect

Studies show this: feeling respected is an employee’s most basic need. Employees thrive and organizations grow when workplaces foster respect. Until employees sense respect from their co-workers, managers and the organization, they cannot produce their best work.

Explorations Consulting creates environments in which employees at every level of your organization will seek to model behaviors that nurture respect—in their co-workers as well as in themselves.