What kinds of clients work with us, and for what?

Explorations consultants work with government, corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations. We’ve worked extensively with hospitals, medical clinics, law firms and teams within government agencies.  See our client list.

Client commitment is key

Our workshops, coaching and consulting strategies work best with organizations committed to creating a culture where respect thrives. After teaming with us, clients report that they:

  • Work more effectively with their colleagues,
  • Relate to customers with more understanding and respect
  • Increase their capacity to meet the organization’s objectives and goals


We designed and led a retreat for group of nurse managers who wanted to communicate more effectively with each other.

Managers in a financial branch of a local hospital sought us out to help their group understand the nuance of organizational change, as well as to work with employees struggling as they adapted to a Lean management process.


We facilitated a retreat for a highly visible nonprofit organization to write its mission statement.


We provided training on Respectful Communication to a group of lawyers and support staff to help them work more effectively together.

Government Agencies

The manager of a federal agency asked for our help with issues that were dividing the team. Our response included coaching for the manager and supervisors and a team-building training for the entire staff.


Our consultants have taught wellness classes for a school district for the past 15 years.