Our certified yoga instructors are specially trained in adaptive yoga.  Using a gradient approach, they offer classes that will meet the needs of people of all ages, physical abilities and experience with yoga.  We can provide a one-time class or on-going weekly sessions; seated yoga to more traditional, mat-based classes, and beginning to moderate programs.  We also offer specialized yoga classes based on your company’s needs and interests:

  • Yoga for Stress Reduction
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Weaving Yoga into Your Daily Routine
  • Yoga for Beginners, which combines basic poses with time to ask questions, learn about yoga and discuss students’ experience in the class
  • Gentle Flow Yoga
  • Yoga for Energy
  • Chair Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Yoga for Emotional Balance

We integrate our yoga classes into our extensive offering of wellness topics and programs.

Wellness Classes

Mindfulness Essentials

Many of us seem to always be rehearsing what’s ahead of us or rehashing what’s already happened.  We lose a lot of energy and focus when we are so busy with memories or worries that we’re not paying attention to what is going on right now.  Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and other people in the present moment. It’s a simple way for people to become aware of how their mind works by looking at mental processes without judgment, as a scientist would.  We can train our minds to stay focused so that we have more energy, more calm, and less judgment about other people and what’s happening around us. We can also learn to be less controlled by our thinking and to act with more flexibility and skill.

During this training we will:

  • Explore the roots of mindfulness and its essential elements
  • Learn how mindfulness can benefit you
  • Directly experience several simple mindfulness strategies
  • Find out how you can easily  incorporate mindfulness into your daily life


Putting Mindfulness to Work

Mindfulness can be a powerful ally in increasing effectiveness at work.   Once the basics of mindfulness have been explored, it’s easy to see how being mindful can improve our performance at work.  Mindfulness increases our awareness of how we judge ourselves and others, how we react reflexively without thought, and how we limit ourselves by dividing our attention.   Planning mindful moments throughout the day can decrease stress, increase energy and build emotional agility. In this training we will explore how mindfulness can also improve your relationships and communication at work.

We will:

  • Create ways to weave mindful practices into the work day
  • Learn how to use technology mindfully
  • Explore mindfulness techniques to communicate more effectively
  • Consider how to be less reactive to situations and people

Mindful Stress Strategies Practice

Our stress and mindfulness classes introduce participants to practices that can reduce their stress and increase their awareness of themselves and others.  This 4 to 6-part series is a learning laboratory of stress and mindfulness techniques. Each session will help participants experience and put into action a wide array of practices   methods and activities including:

  • breathing techniques
  • stretches
  • relaxation approaches and
  • practical cognitive exercises

The Art and Practice of Resilience

  • Define resilience and explore its characteristics
  • Discover how building resilience benefits long-term emotional and physical well-being
  • Learn 3 simple evidence-based strategies to improve your resilience

The Happiness Rx

  • How happiness improves your overall health
  • Factors that contribute to your personal happiness
  • Practical techniques for increasing happiness and decreasing pessimism

Cultivating Gratitude and Generosity for a Healthier You

Two of the most overlooked tools for improving your physical and emotional well-being are available to you anytime at no cost:  developing an attitude of gratitude and giving to others.

We  will explore:

What science tells us about having a grateful attitude

  • Several gratitude practices you can do alone or with family and friends
  • How volunteering can increase your happiness
  • The role generosity can play in your sense of well-being
  • How to discover simple ways to be helpful and generous each day.

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